Following on from their widely acclaimed Steve Marriott biography All Too Beautiful Paolo Hewitt & John Hellier plan to publish the first full scale biography of Ronnie Lane. Marriott’s “All Too Beautiful” was widely acclaimed as the last word on the subject and this Ronnie Lane book will sit very comfortably alongside it. The book will be published by Griffiths Publishing and with your support, the aim would be to publish it in May 2017.
The book will be signed by Paolo & John.

Every subscriber will have their name printed in the book.

To accompany the book we not only have some unique items but are pleased to announce a very rare item – a never before heard tape which features Ronnie recorded in 1964 with his band The Outcasts.

“About 20 years ago a guy called George Cambridge contacted me out of blue and told me that he used to be in a band with Ronnie Lane and Kenney Jones called The Outcasts. This was in 1964, a whole year before the Small Faces were formed. I was interested, of course, to hear what he had to say and went to visit him at his house near Southend on Sea. We spent a fabulous couple of hours chatting about the Outcasts and just before I left he quite casually said “Hey I’ve still got a reel of tape from one of our rehearsal sessions in my Mums house in the East End”. WHAT!!!!!! “Yeah, it’s just been in a drawer for the last 36 years, I can’t even play it as I haven’t got a reel to reel player anymore”. He very kindly let me take it away and I took it to a specialist shop that transferred the contents to CD for me. This was in 1996. He assured me that nobody outside of his house would have ever heard it, not even Ronnie and the other band members. Can you just imagine how I felt whilst putting the CD into the player for the first time. My expectations were fulfilled 500 times over! There was the 17 year old East End Mod taking lead vocals on a Bo Diddley cover complete with wailing harmonica and also a couple of self penned songs that have never seen the light. I played it a few times and then just left it myself safely in a drawer…… until now. There is also light hearted banter between songs and although it’s obviously got a very amateur-ish feel to it, it also has a charm all of it’s own. For Ronnie Lane/Small Faces/Faces fans the world over this is surely THE HOLY GRAIL.